Saturday, February 11, 2012

Metabolism Miracle 1st Day

This diet is going to have some serious accountability, hence the blog.
After reading about the Metabolism Miracle diet, I decided that it might be the answer for weightloss for my husband and I. I've never had much of a problem until the last 10 years and now it doesn't seem like my traditional dieting/watching what I eat works anymore. This diet addresses the metabolism B body and how to change your body into a fat burning rather than carb burning machine which will then cause the loss of all that stored fat (especially around the middle). It seems very similar to other low carb and high protein diets, but it takes a serious commitment for 8 weeks just for phase I.

Today is the first day and all has gone well. I did get hungry, but then I just had a snack. Probably the hardest part has been remembering to eat frequently and to follow the 5X5 rule of only having 5 carbs (deliberately) within any 5 hour period of time. It is also necessary to remember to not go any further than 5 hours without eating.

Today I didn't get to the store and home until 6:30 so that put a damper on what I wanted to fix tonight, but since I had a snack coming out of the store, I was able to prepare a good dinner (not going out for something - high in carbs). As I was bagging up my groceries, I realized I was really hungry and was trying to figure out a snack as soon as I got home. Then I thought, "duh", I have string cheese and walnuts somewhere amongst all the groceries. As I was pushing my cart out the door, I was opening a package of string cheese and taking a bite. At the car, I found the walnuts and finished up my snack.

After dinner, I prepared a dessert that I am looking forward to. It is a chocolate "pudding" made with ricotta cheese. Don't get me wrong, dinner was wonderful with spaghetti squash and a meat sauce. Actually I think I liked it better than the traditional spaghetti meal, but then I haven't had that for a while in order to properly compare. I lucked out in that my husband liked it and would like to have it again - yeah! I made enough for another night this week. I wonder what he will think/say about the dessert.
Bye :)

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