Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day Six

It's been almost a week on the Metabolism Miracle diet and we're still determined to stick with it. Neither of us has felt the increased energy that is mentioned after the first 3 days, but we did notice today that when on our walk we made if further before we started to feel out of energy. We're hopeful now that each day will bring more energy.

As the hardest part is planning what we will eat, I found myself looking for cookbooks to help, so I have now placed an order on Amazon and will be anxiously waiting for the new books. Breakfast and snacks seem to be the hardest, at least if we want some variety. Before the diet, we were definitely dependent on cereals with milk or protein bars if we were running out the door. Now it takes more planning to make sure we eat something low in carbs. I told Paul today that we might have to think outside the box and eat non-traditional breakfast foods for breakfast, because eggs every day is already getting old (and probably too many eggs for optimal health). Our snacks have usually been string cheese and a few almonds. On the up side, we eat frequently enough that we seldom feel hungry. If we do, it's because it's time to eat. :)

Our favorite new meal was a "spaghetti" meal using spaghetti squash. Ground beef, seasonings, and fresh tomatoes was the "sauce." It was great! Even Paul thought so and he really likes a lot of traditional tomato sauce. A chicken and paprika recipe was also very good and the mashed potatoes (cauliflower) were wonderful also. Paul still doesn't know what they were made from (he doesn't like and won't eat cooked cauliflower). Tee Hee :) I don't plan to tell him anytime soon.

We've had some great desserts which has been fun. We've had ricotta and cocoa powder as one "dessert" which I think is great and I don't feel guilty eating it. I made a great dessert two nights ago that we are still enjoying. It is a strawberry souffle and I have to admit that I feel guilty eating it but it is low in carbs and that is what matters most right now. Tonight I'm having a late night snack of cottage cheese and a chocolate protein powder - I really like it and again I don't feel guilty eating it.


  1. Perhaps I should give you my sneaky chef cook books! The ones where you sneak vegetables into your favorite things, which substitutes for a lot of the oils and fats and such. That's how I heard about the cauliflower "potatoes" and other such things. Let me know if you want them!

    1. Hi
      I had a typo in my reply and in an effort to fix it, I managed to reply to myself.
      Here is my reply:
      I'll take a look at them when I visit next month. Any suggestions on how to make a lasagna without pasta?

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    1. I'll take a look at them when I visit next month. Any suggestions on how to make a lasagna without pasta?