Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weigh-in 2

Yesterday was the 8 week weigh-in and we're both pleased. My husband more so than me. He lost 25 lbs. and I lost 10 lbs. It's always discouraging that men lose weight faster and easier, but in all fairness to me, he had a larger body mass to maintain so while we ate about the same amount of food his calorie consumption (even though we didn't count calories) was a lot less than what he needed to maintain his weight. I was about 500-700 calories a day less that what I needed to maintain my weight, so I lost about a pound a week. I'm really excited about the 3 inches I lost off of my waist. That's what the low carb diet is all about - getting rid of that fat around the middle. My hubby has not measured himself yet, but at the last measurement a month ago he had lost 4 inches off of his waist. Hopefully he'll measure himself tomorrow.

I was helping with my new granddaughter for about 2 1/2 weeks and didn't get much chance to exercise so I probably could have lost a little bit more. We started back walking again today, so that will help our weight loss efforts. If I haven't mentioned it yet, we have a reward for ourselves when each of us loses at least 30 lbs. - a trip to Disneyland. By the time I lose 30 lbs., my sweetie will be looking real fine. We'll probably both be at our ideal weight by then. My only worry is that my hubby will stop when he gets to 200 lbs. He's mentioned a few times that he doesn't know if he should try to lose more at his age. He thinks it will be too difficult to maintain as we get more sedentary. I hope we go for the "gold ring" as we'll feel so much better and enjoy life so much more.

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  1. Yay for weight loss! Keep up the good work! And tell Dad to keep losing weight regardless of his age.